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Women on Wheels : Pakistani women riding motorcycles


More and more women are seen riding motorbikes in Pakistan. In a country where female immobility is a major hurdle towards empowerment and gender equality, these bikes are an obvious solution to a persisting problem. However, in a country where culturally and socially women are considered property and a representation of honour rather than a fully capable individual, it is difficult to produce a general acceptance towards “Women on Wheels”.
While many brave women have taken the bold step of riding motorbikes on the streets of Pakistan and reclaiming their independence, the punjab government has also showed their support by initiating the ” Women on Wheels” initiative. Women across Punjab were provided bikes as well as training in order to deal with the problem of female immobility. Here is a theatrical performance that tells you everything you need to know about women on bikes and why you should not mess with them.

It pushed on the Punjab governments “Women on Wheels” initiative and went a step further by also putting forward a play on violence again women. The theatre plays were created and performed by Interactive Resource Centre, an info media organisation based in Lahore. In addition to street performances these plays were also performed in colleges and universities.


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