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Stories from Peshawar : Wood Sculptures


Zahid’s woodshop is very famous in Peshawar and attracts costumers from all over. Woodwork, carving and sculpturing used to be a big trade in Pakistan, and a massive market in Peshawar alone. Now, because of the expense that the intricate work requires and trade hitches with Afghanistan the craft is losing it’s popularity. Zahid’s woodcraft shop in Peshawar still marches on with its unending popularity and 70 years of credibility.
He has been working in his shop as a family craft since many generations. It’s a skill that takes 10 to 15 years to learn and a single sculpture takes 4 to 5 people to complete it. After making a base, carving, sweeping and polishing, a piece is ready to be sold, and attracts people from all over the country and the world because of its unique characteristics.
They use North Indian Rosewood, also known as sheesham locally and work with Kashmiri, badaami, and Punjabi work, which are all different styles in wood carving.


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