How Accurate Are These Stereotypes associated to women?

How Accurate Are These Stereotypes associated to women?

How Accurate Are These Stereotypes associated to women?


All of internet finds its humor in stereotyping women into paranoid, jealous and crazy people. the truth is women are all of these things, some of course, and so are men in equal  numbers. The crazy thing is that they do it without ever realizing it and still believing that these are things associated to women only. Here are some of the stereotypes that we have associated to women only but are found in men more often than not:

1. Women are chatterboxes: Scientific studies have proven that men talk way more than women in all spaces without ever realizing it. It is because men have an internalized belief in the absoluteness of their opinion and feel like other people need to hear it and benefit from it hence the mansplaining and the need to present opinions as facts.

men gossip too

2. Female friendships are weak and superficial: The amount of times I have personally experienced the sham that the bro-code is, is hilarious. The bro-code is a myth and a story men believe in to reinforce their belief that women are superficial. Obviously really genuine and strong male friendships exist but so do equally genuine and strong female friendship, friendship in its nature is never sexist.

female friends

3. Women love to gossip: Honestly sit amongst a group of men with an invisibility cloak and you will be shocked at the conversation that revolves around what a certain lady wore to work and who she left with. Men love gossip as much as women but have less time for it but the time that they do get, they utilize it and even everything out.

men gossip

4. Women are insecure: Have you ever heard your father tell your mother she cannot work because she does not have potential or hold back a compliment when you mother looked really very pretty or stopped her from wearing those 5’inch heels because then she would look taller? If those are not signs of insecurity I do not know what are.

5. Women are weak: Try pushing a baby out your vagina the we can talk about what kind of strength you were talking about.

stereotypes about women

6. Women cannot drive: Maybe because women are never allowed to and most people associate women on wheels with the major cause of earthquakes in Pakistan. I am sure a man did not come out driving a Ferrari from his mother’s womb. How can anyone be expected to be good at something they have the least opportunity to do? Why are most bus drivers male? Because they are naturally born drivers? I do not think so. Imagine women truck drivers and how most of Pakistan will react to that. Also men are more likely to drive more rashly and drive while drunk.

women drivers

7. Women are so superficial: Women are obsessed with looks and yet many women have been rejected on the rishta table because their nose did not match their face.

8. Women are an emotional wreak: Please meet the #NotAllMen brigade and the advocates of men’s rights. Also REAL men cry and throw tantrums just like REAL women because that is what REAL human beings do in times of stress and sadness.

men can cry

9. Women judge: Yes, that is why men know exactly who is a good woman and who is not by the shade of her lipstick and know who to date and who to marry by just that.

10. Working women are bossy: Also negligent, try telling your boss he is wrong and see how flexible and nice he is to that.

bossy women

Some women are weak, some women (like myself) are bad drivers and some women judge but #AllWomen are subjected to these stereotypes and men are conveniently left out of them and the same things in a man are called nicer things like a man who judges is called a ‘keen observer’ and a man who is bossy is called a ‘leader’. Let men wear pink and gossip and not question their sexual orientation for doing it.

Alishba Akram English literature graduate from FC college, currently figuring out how to make a decent living out of writing .


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