Five Pakistani TV dramas that break away from the stereotypical plots

Five Pakistani TV dramas that break away from the stereotypical plots

Five Pakistani TV dramas that break away from the stereotypical plots


Amidst the upholding of status quo and the maddening race for ratings, the media is conveniently forgetting its responsibilities of pointing out the man-made societal taboos. Despite the perpetuation of this ongoing phenomenon, however, there are some courageous individuals that take a step forward in the arena of sensitive issues and show them beautifully. Our Pakistani drama industry has seen some of such ventures lately and not only are they excellently written and responsibly tackled; they have captured the eyes of our audience as well. Here is our shout-out to such brave stories:


1. Udaari (Hum tv). In collaboration with the NGO of Kashf foundation, this one of its kind drama was flawless. With excellent performances from Bushra Ansari, Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed, it brought up the issue of child sexual abuse; one of the many issues that are preferred to be kept silent about by our society. Not only has it brought it on the forefront, it has also encouraged children and families to speak out against this heinous crime, a great hope to save a lot of innocent lives.


2. Beysharam (ARY digital). Breaking the stereotypical black and white characters, “Beysharam” explores grey areas by bringing together two different ideologies. Saba Qamar, playing an established model in the fashion industry is thankfully not shown as an evil woman or a damsel in distress. It explores how certain professions are viewed in our culture, especially related to showbiz and how women pursuing such passions are judged by society.


3. Khuda mera bhi hai (ARY digital). This drama, currently airing on Ary digital, has brought up a subject that we as a nation need to learn badly about. Trans sexuality is natural and no individual has any hand in his/her biology. 2016 has been a sad year for transsexuals and that makes it all the more important for our nation to understand this. The main theme revolves around a newly born child who is a transsexual and the many problems that are faced because of that.

Khuda mera bhi hai

4. Ab kar meri rafugiri (ARY digital). A well-written script by Saira Raza, this drama deals with the still ongoing feudal system mentality of honor killings. The deeply seated mindsets that believe in casts and oppression are something we need to cut off and put an end to women feeding into the machine of fragile male egos.

5. Teri meri Jodi (Geo tv). A new spin on the cultural differences within our country, this drama brings together in the bond of love two individuals belonging to different cultures. Amidst the fluctuating relationship between a Punjabi and a Gujrati family, these individuals have the tough task to prove that love surpasses all.

If you have missed out on any of these shows, get in your blanket this weekend and binge-watch these bold efforts to delve into seemingly ordinary things on the surface yet covering a heap of twisted mentalities and uncountable victims of suppression underneath. We need to get up and point ruthlessly at these things otherwise the mess will keep on growing into a living, indestructible creature. In this light, we hope to see such more work, hopefully getting rid of shaadi aur pyar ke typical maslay.

Eshah Shakeel She is an NCA graduate in Film. She loves dancing, wandering around and getting lost and found, and pursuing words to make sense of the thing we call life/crisis. Bless all you readers!


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