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This is how Pakistan is resolving it’s conflict


For the past 30 to 40 years, some areas of Pakistan are much more worse off than other. There is no denying that it is a nation gripped with fear, conflict and extremism. The nation has been hard at work towards trying to make Pakistan peaceful but in order to do that policies need to be developed that can deal with teh various conflicts that are found within Pakistan.

The situation in most of the troubled regions is very complex and a one glove fits all approach just cannot work. The University of Peshawar believes that the most affective way to resolve the conflict in Pakistan is to find the answers within our own history and indigenous knowledge. Since the conflict is ours, its solution also needs to come from within our own contest.

For this purpose a recent peace and conflict studies department has been set up at the university. It will offer masters and PHD programs in conflict resolution and the research of the students can be used to create more inclusive policies.


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