Home Theatre What does it mean to “be a man”: A play on masculinity

What does it mean to “be a man”: A play on masculinity


The idea of masculinity in Pakistan is very limited. It is often associated to words like ” Macho”, “Strong” and someone who is ” not emotional”. Men are conditioned to never show any weaknesses and the women in their lives are conditioned to fear them. The traditional gender role of men limits them to a large degree and teaches them that they must protect their honour/ego at all costs. Such expectations often begets insecurity which begets violence. Men in Pakistan are often taught that being violent is synonymous to being a man. When such an expectation becomes the norm, gender based violence is surely to surface. This particular play investigates the part a traditional hyper masculinity has to plat towards gender based violence and how understanding the complexities of our gender is important if we are to ever achieve true equality.


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