Pakistan’s love with Qawali

Qawali music is perhaps the most popular musical genre in Pakistan. It is more than just an art form or a source of entertainment. It is embedded in a deep tradition of Sufi mysticism and has its roots in the Muslim culture of the subcontinent. The video looks into the culture of Qawali, its origins, its technicalities and it’s […]

The Art of Chunri

Pakistan is the land of textiles. It is rich in cloth and produces some of the most interesting textiles in the world. Chunri is one of it’s more unique textiles that Pakistan has to offer and most of it is produced in Bahawalpur. The video goes behind the scene and look into how this craft […]

Women of Hazara Town

The Hazara community in Baluchistan have been a victim of mass target killings and discrimination. While the situation for the hazara community is bleak, Hamida Ali decided to do some good in her community by providing an avenue for financial independence to the women of the Hazara community. She has opened the first and only female run […]