Stories from Peshawar : Wood Sculptures

Zahid’s woodshop is very famous in Peshawar and attracts costumers from all over. Woodwork, carving and sculpturing used to be a big trade in Pakistan, and a massive market in Peshawar alone. Now, because of the expense that the intricate work requires and trade hitches with Afghanistan the craft is losing it’s popularity. Zahid’s woodcraft […]

Raising the awareness on verbal abuse in Pakistan

The video was made as a collaboration between Women Through Film and UN Women Pakistan, Delegation of the European Union to Pakistan, and Potohar Organisation for Development Advocacy (PODA). This video highlights the often ignored issue of verbal abuse and a general culture of violence against women that has prevailed in Pakistan. The director of […]

Must have apps for Pakistani traveller

While everyone longs to travel outside of their own country in search of new and different experiences, travelling can be really stressful as well.A new place can be extremely difficult to navigate around and the actual pain of booking flights and finding affordable accommodations is another hassle. If you are a first time traveller and […]

Pakistan has a cyber harassment hotline now!!

Sexual harassment in public spaces and offices is quite common in Pakistan and thanks to the lobbying of many hardworking activist and politicians we have a well rounded law for hit. Despite the strides that have been made to make public spaces safer for women, virtual spaces is another matter. As Pakistan moves towards an […]