Meet Pakistan’s youngest wheelchair cricketer

This is a story about Arslan Rizwan. Pakistan’s youngest Wheelchair cricketer at the age of 15. Moreover an academic achiever. The reason the story comes to light is because of his parents exceptional support forArslan. Due to his positive thinking he inspires to lead a normal life. The fact that he is handicapped, he is […]

Why we should not hate Malala

Malala is perhaps the most famous Pakistani in the world however in Pakistan she has become a controversial figure. So we decided to make a video that explains why she has received all this fame and popularity internationally. We quantified all the impact she has made and the good she has done on the themes […]

The people of Kalash

The Kalash community located in the north of Pakistan and surrounded by the Hindu Kush Mountain is perhaps the smallest religious group in Pakistan. They have unique customs and traditions, setting them apart from the rest of Pakistan. Kalash has always attracted both local and international tourist for this very reason reason.

Saphoy Didar Ali : A tribute to an Ismaili soldier

Maati TV presents ” ShortDocs” where we will be publishing short documentary film about Pakistan, made by Pakistani film makers. The stories are aimed at encouraging us to look beyond our understanding of Pakistan and accept the various diverse groups that are living in our country. The film pays tribute to Saphoy Didar Ali, a […]

There are no beggars in Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan

Pakistan has a serious beggar problem, especially in the urban cities however in the small district of Hunza-Nagar in Gilgit-Baltistan there are no beggars at all. There are a variety of reasons for this having to do with the the education systems, presence of civil society and the close knit communities. However the same solutions […]

What is the Local Government?

If you are a Pakistani, over 18 and have a remote interest in how your country is run, then you need to see this. While we all have a basic idea of how the Government functions, how many of us know what the Local Government does or even is? The video breaks down what exactly […]

A tale of Hindu-Muslim friendship

While Pakistan might not be the safest and most nurturing environment for it’s hindu minority population, these two girls studying at the government school in Southern Punjab, prove otherwise. Kashaf is a muslim, Rani is Hindu and they are best friends. The town of Ahmad Pur Sharkia located near Bahawalpur has an extensive hindu population. […]