How the deaf are getting educated in Lahore

The Hamza Foundation in Lahore has developed a purpose build educational institution for the hearing impaired individuals. Their mission is to create greater inclusion and opportunities for the differently abled members of our community. You can get in touch with the foundation through their Facebook page

Studying under the stars

A slum school in Faisalabad, Pakistan is providing night classes to kids under solar light. By providing a night school option. the kids can easily work during the day and study at night. Most of the times the these kids from the slums are unable to go to school because they have to work at […]

A tribute to Pakistan’s Army.

On this Defence day lets take a minute to remember the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect the citizens of Pakistan. Here are a few of such brave individuals who have been immortalised by our cities. Did you know who these famous roads and landmarks were names after?

Meet Pakistan’s youngest wheelchair cricketer

This is a story about Arslan Rizwan. Pakistan’s youngest Wheelchair cricketer at the age of 15. Moreover an academic achiever. The reason the story comes to light is because of his parents exceptional support forArslan. Due to his positive thinking he inspires to lead a normal life. The fact that he is handicapped, he is […]