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Pakistan’s love with Qawali

Qawali music is perhaps the most popular musical genre in Pakistan. It is more than just an art form or a source of entertainment. It is embedded in a deep tradition of Sufi mysticism and has its roots in the Muslim culture of the subcontinent. The video looks into the culture of Qawali, its origins, its technicalities and it’s […]

The Art of Chunri

Pakistan is the land of textiles. It is rich in cloth and produces some of the most interesting textiles in the world. Chunri is one of it’s more unique textiles that Pakistan has to offer and most of it is produced in Bahawalpur. The video goes behind the scene and look into how this craft […]

The best things to happen in Pakistan in 2017

2017 is about to end and it was a very eventful year for Pakistan. While not all the news was good news but some very significant positive things did happen in Pakistan that would make you proud and hopeful about the countries future. Here are some of them.

Aware Girls: Women Empowerment by Gulalai Ismail

Meet Gulalai Ismail, a human rights activist that started working on the issue of girl empowerment and peace when she was just 16 years old. Now she is the recipient of several international awards for her work and her organisation, Aware Girls works towards empowerment of young girl in KPK, F.A.T.A, Baluchistan as well as […]

Haseena Baigum : Politics is for everyone

We believe that politics is only for a few elite members of the society and because of this reason most of us feel disconnected to the democratic process. However not all politicians are rich and not all of them have come from privilege to be in a position of authority. The entire point of democracy […]

Who was Anarkali?

Everyone who is from Lahore or lives there has visited the Anarkali market which is said to have been named after a famous kaneez during the time of Emperor Akbar. We all know the story of Anarkali from various films and television adaptations but who exactly was she?

Busting Myths on Sexual Harassment in Pakistan

In Pakistan almost all women face sexual harassment and yet these cases are hardly talked about or reported. We need to start understanding that sexually harassing someone is a serious issue, it is a crime and it is not the victims fault. We decided to tackle some of these misconceptions and myths about sexual harassment […]

The city of Pehalwans

Gujranwala is famous for the proud tradition of pehalwani in the sub continent. The short film takes us inside this proud tradition.

How the deaf are getting educated in Lahore

The Hamza Foundation in Lahore has developed a purpose build educational institution for the hearing impaired individuals. Their mission is to create greater inclusion and opportunities for the differently abled members of our community. You can get in touch with the foundation through their Facebook page https://web.facebook.com/Hamza-Foundation-Academy-For-The-Deaf-735664499777429/?ref=br_rs

Studying under the stars

A slum school in Faisalabad, Pakistan is providing night classes to kids under solar light. By providing a night school option. the kids can easily work during the day and study at night. Most of the times the these kids from the slums are unable to go to school because they have to work at […]