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Zahida : Changing perceptions on disabilities

This is the story of Zahida who is part of the differently abled community and an advocate for polio awareness. She lost the use of her legs because her family was unaware of Polio Vaccinations. Despite the many hurdles that she had to deal with due to her disability, Zahida is the head of various […]

This is how Pakistan is resolving it’s conflict

For the past 30 to 40 years, some areas of Pakistan are much more worse off than other. There is no denying that it is a nation gripped with fear, conflict and extremism. The nation has been hard at work towards trying to make Pakistan peaceful but in order to do that policies need to […]

Pakistani Student advocates for transgender rights using animations

  The transgender community is Pakistani is often ignored, sidelined and criminalised. They find it hard to be accepted into the society and are often prevented from receiving an education and entering the job market. With no proper options, they are often reduced to begging on the streets or sex work. This is a particular […]

Stories from Peshawar : Wood Sculptures

Zahid’s woodshop is very famous in Peshawar and attracts costumers from all over. Woodwork, carving and sculpturing used to be a big trade in Pakistan, and a massive market in Peshawar alone. Now, because of the expense that the intricate work requires and trade hitches with Afghanistan the craft is losing it’s popularity. Zahid’s woodcraft […]

Raising the awareness on verbal abuse in Pakistan

The video was made as a collaboration between Women Through Film and UN Women Pakistan, Delegation of the European Union to Pakistan, and Potohar Organisation for Development Advocacy (PODA). This video highlights the often ignored issue of verbal abuse and a general culture of violence against women that has prevailed in Pakistan. The director of […]

Stories from Peshawar : Must see places to see in Peshawar!

Usually when we think of Peshawar, security concerns and a general conservative environment is what comes to mind. While their might be some truth to that, there is just so much more that Peshawar has to offer. p Peshawar is a historical city with a very rich culture and history which is reflected in its […]

Pakistan has a cyber harassment hotline now!!

Sexual harassment in public spaces and offices is quite common in Pakistan and thanks to the lobbying of many hardworking activist and politicians we have a well rounded law for hit. Despite the strides that have been made to make public spaces safer for women, virtual spaces is another matter. As Pakistan moves towards an […]

This village in Ahmedabad, Pakistan generates its own electricity!!

While the country faces a major power crisis Ahmedabad has electricity 24-7. Ahmedabad is a small village in Gilgit Baltistan and their community-run micro hydropower station was built in 2008 by the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme with backing from the United States Department of Agriculture and the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund. The Dam produces […]

Stories from Peshawar: Chitrali Topi

The Pakol, also called the Chitrali topi is an eminent part of the Chitrali culture. Now chitrali caps are a very successful business and there are more than 600 shops that sell Pakol in the Sadar Market of Chitral alone. Being a part of chitrali culture since years, the pakol is an important part of […]

Lahore Fort gets a make over

The city of lahore has tremendous historical relevance and we have the majestic historic monuments to prove it. Though places like the lahore fort are beautiful, they are also old which means that if not maintained well, they will wither away. Despite Pakistan’s history of neglecting its monuments, recently the tourism department in collaboration with […]