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She is an NCA graduate in Film. She loves dancing, wandering around and getting lost and found, and pursuing words to make sense of the thing we call life/crisis. Bless all you readers!

Five Pakistani TV dramas that break away from the stereotypical plots

Amidst the upholding of status quo and the maddening race for ratings, the media is conveniently forgetting its responsibilities of pointing out the man-made societal taboos. Despite the perpetuation of this ongoing phenomenon, however, there are some courageous individuals that take a step forward in the arena of sensitive issues and show them beautifully. Our […]

The good and bad of the Pakistani Cinema in 2016 : A year in Review

After struggling for a good amount of time, our film industry has finally managed to kick-start after a long period of slumber/Punjabi films since its last peak of the golden era. Although low in the number of releases, we still have a good enough content that was seen across the screens in Pakistan in 2016. […]

Weirdest things that went viral in Pakistan in 2016

We won’t go into how terrible the year 2016 was, as we all have witnessed and agreed to that unanimously. But with time progressing, things have surely taken a direction towards Andy Warhol’s apt quote, “In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.” The obvious medium of social media for that kind […]

10 thoughts you go through when dancing at a mehndi

There are very few things that can make us excited about an upcoming wedding. The activity that would top that list (the only in fact) is the mehndi dances. Right from the practices to the final show, we love to display our energetic thumkas and the lively, uninhibited side of the celebration. And if you’ve […]

Revival of Junoon after 25 years : The launch of “Door Bohot Door”

Hai jazba junoon tou himmat na haar. 2 decades and this melody still gives goose-bumps to Pakistanis (especially in the cricket matches). It is a reminder of the golden era of pop music and catchy melodies of the 90’s that have never been able to repeat their heart-touching brilliance. But there is good news for […]

Street theatre hits Pakistan

Street theatre has always been a way to communicate to the masses. It was heavily used during military dictatorships to protest and create awareness within the community and now this form is being adapted by the government to educate its people about women’s issues. Recently the special monitoring unit under the chief ministers office in […]

10 famous controversial books you should know about

The influence of literature has such strength and intensity that it can reach crevices of the mind and alter an individual’s thoughts and ways of living. Scared of its power, totalitarian leaders like Hitler, always ordered the burning of books as the first step towards complete mind control. Governments also issue bans on them when […]

The 5 horible stages you go through before getting waxed

As if there wasn’t enough emotional torture for a woman, nature has gifted her with her own set of “feminine” pains that are almost equal to monthly rituals she just cannot ask leave of. Starting with the menstrual cycle, the ride ends up on the dreaded day of the wax. It’s the day for when […]

The activist behind the face of the first transgender model

This world is formed by a collection of words to divide its inhabitants into categories. We have class, ethnicity, religion, race, gender and countless other sub-divisions to define how to behave towards a certain “community” of people. Individual qualities of a human are dominated by the pre-defined classifications that give certain groups an assumed power […]

Things we can all relate to this winter season

In the famous words of George R.R. Martin, “Winter is coming”. The weather of sweaters, layers, heaters, hot coffees and of course dry fruits is trying to finally reach after all the back and forth. We know there are a lot of winter lovers out there who have romanticized it. But, as with many great […]