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English literature graduate from FC college, currently figuring out how to make a decent living out of writing .

How Accurate Are These Stereotypes associated to women?

All of internet finds its humor in stereotyping women into paranoid, jealous and crazy people. the truth is women are all of these things, some of course, and so are men in equal  numbers. The crazy thing is that they do it without ever realizing it and still believing that these are things associated to […]

How to reduce violence against women? : Raise better sons

Many have been quick in presenting solutions like chaadars for girls and big locks to put outside their rooms’ doors and shorter curfews for women so less opportunities are presented to men who are tempted to cat call and attack women. But shockingly, there might be more than a slight problem with the boys you […]

10 must read books to watch out for in 2017

People are more into watching movies than reading books, so it’s easier telling which movie is coming out than the books being published in 2017. It’s even a longer journey to publish a book than to cast a movie, it takes a lot of effort, energy and patience. Being a book lover, I hunted down […]

Here are some things we can look forward to in 2017

2016 has been a rough year in terms of almost everything. We lost a lot of legendary artists and Pakistan itself lost the great Amjad Sabri and Junaid Jamshed. Then there were a lot of domestic abuses, acid attacks and violent killings going on in Pakistan. In terms of entertainment, Bollywood was banned and downfall […]

Five things you need to do before getting married

  Ah, the shaadi season is upon us and to be honest it is natural to be blinded by the bling and want to get married right away. I mean it cannot be that bad right? Or maybe I am just overwhelmed by the fairytale like pictures in my newsfeed and the wedding talks around […]

Celebrating Christmas in Pakistan : Things you can do.

Tomorrow over two million people in Pakistan will be celebrating Christmas and you know what would be really nice? If you celebrated with them. No it would not by any means mean that you have ‘forgotten your Pakistani values’ because BREAKING NEWS Christians are Pakistanis too so instead of being super stuck up about this […]

10 things everyone should stop worrying about in 2017

There are some things that we have collectively worried about for far too long, things that do not make or break nations and are neither matters of national security but we have casually made them out to be that which has led to us taking those matter which do matter not too seriously.   Things […]

Everyday things to do that will make you feel confident and happy

Studies show that 34% Pakistanis suffer from depression or anxiety, they also indicate that every third person in Pakistan suffers from some kind of anxiety disorder or the other. They may show variation but all of them point towards a shockingly high percentage of unhappy Pakistanis. That being said, not even 10% of the 34% get […]

Attack on the Ahmadi community : The shame of a Nation

Yesterday a procession for Eid Milad-un-Nabi turned into an attack on an Ahmedi mosque in Chakwal, this attack is not first of its kind in Pakistan and this was not the first time a celebration turned into an attack on the minorities either. This procession was a celebratory one for 12 Rabiulawal which is said […]

Signs indicating that you are an adult now

In the old times the emergence of pubic hair, breasts, deepening of voice and the start of menstruation marked the beginning of maturation or adulthood. Earlier for women than for men, it meant women were now ready for motherhood and to facilitate that they had to be married. Men, on the other hand matured pretty […]