5 ways to have a better conversation and actually be liked by people

5 ways to have a better conversation and actually be liked by people

5 ways to have a better conversation and actually be liked by people


“You hear everything I say, but you don’t listen”, is something men often hear from their significant other. Not paying attention and zoning out during an important conversation can often lead to a heated argument followed by a long drawn out silent treatment from your partner. Being a bad communicator can also lead to trouble at work and generally can make life much more harder. Well worry not, we researched some fool proof ways to turn you in a better communicator.

Well here are a few ways you can master the art of conversation.


1. Try to have a face-to-face communication

Prior to the age of technology, we used to engage in face-to-face conversations but now we just send texts to each other. which inhibits us from having a better conversation. Peeps, just stop using technology as a means to have a better conversation, see around yourself, find people, talk to them, and know their experiences. You won’t be disappointed, believe me.

LearnThe art of communication

2. Stop multitasking

It is just down right annoying to be watching T.V or texting on your phone while talking to someone. It gives them an impression that you are not interested in talking to them. This also increases the chances of the same kind of behaviour from them in the next conversation, so try not to do it. Pay attention and see what interesting story they have to share with you.

3. Donít pontificate.

Some people don’t usually listen to you, they are waiting for their own turn to speak. Don’t be one of those people. So, whenever you are entering a conversation, keep this thought in your mind that you want to learn something you don’t know. Always listen to understand rather than listening to reply. Do this, and trust me, you will win a plethora of friends just by doing this.

4. Ask open ended questions

Remember how in school our teachers used to constantly force us into asking questions? Well turns out they were on to something. ”Try to ask open-ended questions as they will help you get a better answer. This will allow people to get out of their shell and encourage a natural flow in conversation.

5. Do not equate their experience with yours.

‘Oh my god, this happened to me too.’ ‘When I was a kid, I had gone through the same kind thing’. Stop saying these lines, they do no good. Empathy is great but assuming that you know everything about others’ situations limits your chances to learn or hear from them. Remember one thing, the nature of our experiences may be the same but intensity will always be different.

Next time you find someone, do listen to him and give him a room to share what he wants to.


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