Five Pakistani TV dramas that break away from the stereotypical plots

Amidst the upholding of status quo and the maddening race for ratings, the media is conveniently forgetting its responsibilities of pointing out the man-made societal taboos. Despite the perpetuation of this ongoing phenomenon, however, there are some courageous individuals that take a step forward in the arena of sensitive issues and show them beautifully. Our […]

How Accurate Are These Stereotypes associated to women?

All of internet finds its humor in stereotyping women into paranoid, jealous and crazy people. the truth is women are all of these things, some of course, and so are men in equal ┬ánumbers. The crazy thing is that they do it without ever realizing it and still believing that these are things associated to […]

5 ways to have a better conversation and actually be liked by people

“You hear everything I say, but you don’t listen”, is something men often hear from their significant other. Not paying attention and zoning out during an important conversation can often lead to a heated argument followed by a long drawn out silent treatment from your partner. Being a bad communicator can also lead to trouble […]


Women on Wheels : Pakistani women riding motorcycles

More and more women are seen riding motorbikes in Pakistan. In a country where female immobility is a major hurdle towards empowerment and gender equality, these bikes are an obvious solution to a persisting problem. However, in a country where culturally and socially women are considered property and a representation of honour rather than a […]

What does it mean to “be a man”: A play on masculinity

The idea of masculinity in Pakistan is very limited. It is often associated to words like ” Macho”, “Strong” and someone who is ” not emotional”. Men are conditioned to never show any weaknesses and the women in their lives are conditioned to fear them. The traditional gender role of men limits them to a […]

The Fault in our Education: Religious Discrimination in Schools in Pakistan

The word “theatre” has a greek origin and it means “the seeing place”. It is a place where people often come to see the state of their society and the plight of their community so we decided to use this platform to do just that. Following is a play on religious discrimination in Pakistan. People […]