10 delicious winter foods and where to find them

December marks the official beginning of winters for Lahore and Lahore loves to eat, especially in winters when us Lahoris can devour street food on the streets without melting in the heat. Here is my list of the best part of winter in Lahore and where to find these beauties. 1.Gajjar ka halwa: Who does […]

10 books by eastern writers that all the desi feminists should read

More often than not we find our role models not in real life but in fiction and maybe that is why everyone needs to read. Being a woman and that too of colour, it becomes very important to find strong role models and the best way to do that is by reading and finding them […]

The types of people you meet at the gym

Some of us “fat people” go to the gym to tone ourselves for ‘no bikini’ season. Because frankly, my body is never going to be even burqa ready, like ever! But in the instant world, going to the gym is important. It shows you are a healthy person in your mind (if not your body). […]


What does it mean to “be a man”: A play on masculinity

The idea of masculinity in Pakistan is very limited. It is often associated to words like ” Macho”, “Strong” and someone who is ” not emotional”. Men are conditioned to never show any weaknesses and the women in their lives are conditioned to fear them. The traditional gender role of men limits them to a […]

The Fault in our Education: Religious Discrimination in Schools in Pakistan

The word “theatre” has a greek origin and it means “the seeing place”. It is a place where people often come to see the state of their society and the plight of their community so we decided to use this platform to do just that. Following is a play on religious discrimination in Pakistan. People […]

How well do we treat our women?

Lets have an honest and frank conversation about the status of women in our country. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan 70 to 90 % women face some form of domestic violence and more than 1000 women and girls are a victim of “Honour Killing”. This is not the first time we have […]