Trump supporters prove that extremism is not country specific

Extremism, a generic term, has been unfortunately narrowed down to almost as a substitute for specific countries and their faith. Looking around in our own country, we often see overwhelmingly extremist reactions to actions, on both the liberal and conservative fronts. Nuclear war: “War is the only solution, kill all the #Endians”; murders of “inappropriate” […]

Deciding which women needs empowerment in Pakistan

Trending today: Feminism, feminist, feminazi, crazy-single-women-encourging-young-girls-to-grow-and-display-armpit-hair. As hot as the discussion on feminism may become most people would continue to define feminism as a movement aimed at breaking marriages and making women lesbians. Some do not understand the need for such a movement since ‘women are inherently domesticated’ and any movement that says otherwise is, […]

Breast cancer awareness month:In October We Self Examine

The Pink Ribbon month is here and for those of you who do not know, Pink Ribbon represents awareness for breast cancer and a show of solidarity with the women who have it. October, being the Breast Care Awareness month, is dedicated in raising funds for those affected by breast cancer along with spreading awareness […]


What does it mean to “be a man”: A play on masculinity

The idea of masculinity in Pakistan is very limited. It is often associated to words like ” Macho”, “Strong” and someone who is ” not emotional”. Men are conditioned to never show any weaknesses and the women in their lives are conditioned to fear them. The traditional gender role of men limits them to a […]

The Fault in our Education: Religious Discrimination in Schools in Pakistan

The word “theatre” has a greek origin and it means “the seeing place”. It is a place where people often come to see the state of their society and the plight of their community so we decided to use this platform to do just that. Following is a play on religious discrimination in Pakistan. People […]

How well do we treat our women?

Lets have an honest and frank conversation about the status of women in our country. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan 70 to 90 % women face some form of domestic violence and more than 1000 women and girls are a victim of “Honour Killing”. This is not the first time we have […]